Friday, March 4, 2011

The Story of an MMO Underdog

I've played quiet a few MMORPG's (Massively Multilayer Online Role Playing Game), the first that I played was World of Warcraft, about 4 years ago in 2007. It was still WoW 1.0 otherwise referred to as vanilla wow. Although I did not reach then lvl cap 60, before the first expansion came out The Burning Crusade. I loved the game, playing with friends leveling with them developing my character along side my friends, it was great! I played for almost three years, but when Wrath of the Lich King came out I felt the game had gone down hill. The game was now too simple, it wasn't presenting a challenge to progress anymore, things were just handed out no skill or experience required.After Lk had come out and I had level capped my main Character and then level capped a death knight. Only minutes after I had killed my last monster on my DK and hit level 80, I quit the game for several months. I had realized that this game was no longer fun and I had nothing to look forward to in the game even with a new expansion already on blizzards horizon.  Some Months after I had quit I try to rekindle my interest in the game but failed.

Although I had grown weary and bored of WoW, my interest in MMO's was still there. I quiet quickly found and jumped into the world of Sarnaut. In a game called Allods Online, it was made in Russia and hold the record for being the most expensive Free-2-Play MMO on the market with a budget of $12 million.

This is the best Video i could find that will help me to explain to you how amazing this game is in multiple different ways, I'll try and make it short and then make other post explaining deeper about the same topics. here's a short list of how this game rocks:

  • Amazing graphics
  • Deep and immersive story line
  • Unique class mechanics
  • Friendly and supportive community
  • Promising End game (Have not reached lvl cap yet)
If you watched the video you would have seen a very small margin of the sights you can see in Allods, as I make my way through the game i can tell Astral Naval put a lot of thought a work behind the looks of the game, models are smooth high quality and are designed with a cartoony influence, much like wow. BUT MUCH BETTER. not only are the places and characters well done but the spells, armor detail and monsters. Even down tot he tiniest belt buckle Astral Naval nailed detail on the head. Don't get me wrong its not the Mona Lisa of MMO's, nothing like say an MMO like FFXIV from Square Enix, of course not, but Allods is eye candy to those who have played other free MMO's or even WoW and Warhammer.

Allods online shares much of the classes that a verteran MMO player would recognize and quickly relate to other games. EI; Warrior, Mage, and healer and the other common classes that can be found in some MMOs, Summoner or pet class, a melee dps or a rogue, a secondary tank class (paladin/templar/cleric) and a secondary caster dps (known as Psiconist in Allods). All of these classes has there own unique mechanics, some may take long to learn and master than others. But all are very fun to play and add another level/element to playing your class.

In my time in Alllods on Nezeb server, I've found that the community is very supportive, helpful and friendly. Although I play on a North American server there is still a heavy international community.

This wonderful game is free! Free to play for life! Ok ok ok I know its cash shop, but I'll take that over $15 every month, and yes the game is engineered with a cash shop background and some elements of the game would be more enjoyable if money was spent in the cash shop. That is a negative, but the positives greatly out weigh the negatives.

Although I'm still working on making my way to end game, from my research i can tell its going to be a fun and wild ride! With the promise of a whole new frontier the Astral! (space) and End game raids.

Well I've run out of time and I didn't want to make a post too long. Please try the game if you're into MMO's or if you want to try one for the first time. See you in Sarnaut!


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