Thursday, March 3, 2011

What has happened?

Pilgrims first came to America to escape religious prosecution, so did the same immigrants, of whom some of our family would not be here today. They came for the American dream and the promise of freedom of religion, does America not stand for that anymore?

I guess not. This video makes me sick to my stomach the ignorance the racism and of all things its happening in California. This is inexcusable the Tea Party is out of control something needs to be done.  


  1. Wwow I can't believe that..
    Nice Post.

  2. Its obvious from most of the comments made by the protesters and politicians that they are Christians. Perhaps they should take a look at their own religion's history. I dislike Islam, but I'm an equal opportunity offender. These people are simply ridiculous. Unfortunately, many other Americans privately have the same views so publicly stated by this group.